Shining a light on common legal problems Aboriginal people face

June 2nd 2020

While the issues of unfair fines, scams and discrimination are serious, the Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service (VALS) have released a series of videos taking a light-hearted look at some of the common legal problems that Aboriginal people face.

Do these situations look familiar? If you are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander and recognise any of the scenarios, call VALS for a yarn on 1800 064 865 or email

Unfair fines

Have you received a fine unfairly? It happens easily enough but the impact is significant. Fines and penalties when levied unfairly may have significant economic impacts. It is often difficult to recognise or identify whether you have been fined unfairly. This short video is a brief look at unfair fines.


There are a lot of scammers who try to get consumers to buy goods on unfair terms. Have you seen or heard of someone purchasing a product at high interest and with lots of unfair terms and conditions involved. This short video highlights how some scammers target individuals that are not familiar with these agreements.


Discrimination is a real problem in Australia with many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders facing discrimination in the workforce. It is often difficult to recognise discrimination because it might be quite subtle. Sometimes, however, it is quite overt. So how do you identify discrimination, and what should you do if you are subjected to discrimination? This short video is a brief look at modern discrimination.