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Understanding how people see, and engage with the law

The Public Understanding of Law Survey (PULS) is a Victoria-wide survey which seeks to understand how people see, understand and respond to everyday legal problems, and the extent to which they have the capability to resolve problems effectively.

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The track to Treaty in Victoria - structures, process and progress

Join us online for this year’s Law and You Forum where we’ll bring together a panel of experts to explore the process and progress of reconciliation in Victoria including different elements of the pathway to Victorian treaty.

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Our latest research

Cover of the PULS Annotated Questionnaire

The Public Understanding of Law Survey (PULS) Annotated Questionnaire

This document sets out the full text and routing of the PULS questionnaire, along with commentary on the theoretical background to questions, rationale for their inclusion, details of technical development, references to relevant past studies, as well as PULS showcards.

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