Helping to build a better justice system through data and empirical evidence.

Research at VLF focuses on the legal and related needs of Victorians, and over time, will make a significant contribution to the Victorian justice system.

Discover how people understand and engage with the law

The Public Understanding of Law Survey (PULS) is ground-breaking research to understand legal capability, attitudes, and experience of the law in Victoria.

We have developed a stand-alone website to support the PULS and house PULS related content.

Read PULS Volume 1 on the PULS website

A watch maker adjusting the back of an open clock.Data Mapping project: Calibrating Justice

Calibrating Justice: The use and utility of administrative data in Victoria’s civil justice system is the fourth and final report in the Data Mapping Project.

Read the report

International Access to Justice Forum 2023

In partnership with UCI Law Initiative for Inclusive Civil Justice, we will host the 2023 Forum in Irvine, California on October 11-13.

The Forum will be essential for people interested in the diversity and complexity of access to justice.

Learn more about the Forum

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