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Research at VLF focuses on the legal and related needs of Victorians, and over time, will make a significant contribution to the Victorian justice system.

Research Network: How to solve the problems of problem-solving courts

Problem-solving courts, also referred to as specialist courts, have been adopted around the world to better address underlying causes of offending.

Dr Lacey Schaefer joined our Research Network to discuss the experience of problem-solving courts, the positives, pitfalls and suggestions for the future.

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International Access to Justice Forum 2023

In partnership with UCI Law Initiative for Inclusive Civil Justice, we will host the 2023 Forum in Irvine, California on October 11-13.

The Forum will be essential for people interested in the diversity and complexity of access to justice.

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Cover image of the research report featuring a mixed bunch of flowers

Data Mapping project: Mixed Bunch

The third from our Data Mapping project mapping administrative data, this report examines the use and utility of administrative data collected by dispute and complaint resolution bodies in Victoria.

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