About the Adult Parole Board

October 10th 2019

Parole is the conditional release of a prisoner, where they continue to serve their sentence in the community on conditions set by the Adult Parole Board; an independent, decision-making body established under Victorian legislation.

Parole exists due to recognition of 'the difficulties that so many people have leaving a structured, disciplined, fairly rigid environment such as prison, and re-entering the community.'

We sat down with Chair of the Adult Parole Board, His Honour Peter Couzens, to hear first-hand what they do. Judge Couzens also shared reflections on his role and experience, allowing us to get a better insight into life on the Board and the challenges involved.

'We hope people get through their parole, but if we feel that they're failing, and if the safety and protection of the community is at risk, we'll cancel them, and return them to custody.'

Judge Couzens clarifies that 'the Board can never eliminate risk... We're dealing with human beings. Many of whom are fractured, often through fault other than themselves.'

See our interview with Judge Couzens below.

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