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Finding up-to-date and interesting resources for your students can be hard. Victoria Law Foundation has made it easy by bringing them all together in one place. Search our database to find resources produced by the legal sector to support your teaching in Civics & Citizenship and VCE Legal Studies.

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Guilty Pleas and Sentencing

Outlines the consequences of a guilty plea on sentencing.


VCE unit 3Snapshot

Magistrates' Court of Victoria

Brief overview of the Magistrates Court of Victoria and its various functions.


VCE unit 1Snapshot

Unit 3 Legal Studies

Outlines the curriculum requirements in Victoria for VCE Unit 3 Legal Studies.


VCE unit 3Snapshot

What is the separation of powers?

short animation to understand the separation of powers in Australia.

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Civics & CitizenshipVCE unit 4Video

Victorian Ombudsman

Access point to read about the Ombudsman services and functions. Check out their "Complaints," "Our Impact" and Reporting Improper Content" tabs for more information.

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Resource hubVCE unit 2VCE unit 3

Victorian Ombudsman report into youth justice centres in Victoria.

Ombudsman Investigation of allegations referred by Parliament’s Legal and Social Issues Committee, arising from its inquiry into youth justice centres in Victoria.


ReportVCE unit 2VCE unit 4

Online Law Talks: Victorian Law Reform Commission and Exam Preparation

This program is aimed at students completing Units 3 & 4 Legal studies in 2021.

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Online Law Talks: The Victorian Legal System - Courts, Juries and Judges (Jane Patrick and Paul Dore)

The Juries Commissioner and a retired County Court judge will discuss the role that judges and juries play in our legal system. They will share stories from the court room, explore the impact that social media has had on their roles, and answer students' questions about all things court-related.

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Online Law Talks: Understanding Your Legal Rights and Responsibilities (Youthlaw)

This webinar provides an overview of some common legal issues experienced by young people in Victoria. Students will gain an understanding of their rights in relation to: dealing with the police and transport PSOs, consent and sexting, telephone contacts and buying goods, behaviour in public places and conduct on the roads.

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Civics & CitizenshipVideo

Aboriginal Change Makers

This resource shares the stories of strong, determined and committed Aboriginal Australians who throughout the 19th and 20th centuries paved the way for present and future generations.

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Neighbourhood Justice Centre: Teaching Resources for Secondary Students

A collation of resources for VCE Legal Studies and Civics and Citizenship.

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Resource Hub

Grace v Fraser [1982]

A civil case, including a template for civil case notes.


2: RemediesHandoutVCE unit 2

Wilson v Bauer Media (2017)

A recent civil case Download
2: RemediesHandoutVCE unit 2

Ability of Parliament and Courts to respond to need for law reform

An outline Download
2: The people, the parliament and the courtsHandoutVCE unit 4

Statutory Interpretation

This resource discusses one feature of the relationship between courts and parliament: the interpretation of statutes. Download
2: The people, the parliament and the courtsHandoutVCE unit 4

Protecting Rights in South Africa

Approach adopted by one other country in protecting rights. Download
3: RightsHandoutVCE unit 2

Institute of Legal Executives: Legal Careers

A summary of the many, and varied, careers available in the legal profession. Download

Royal Commission into the Management of Police Informants

Recommendations for law reform by a Royal Commission. Download
2: The people, the parliament and the courtsHandoutVCE unit 4

Current Example: Conflict of Laws and s 109 of the Constitution

A current example of the purpose of s 109 of the Constitution. Download

1: The people and the Australian ConstitutionHandoutVCE unit 4

Victorian Law Week 2021: Courts and Technology

How are courts keeping up with technology, and how is technology incorporated into the court system, from the registry to the courtroom? In this session, held on Friday 21 May 2021 as part of Victorian Law Week, Judge Tsalamandris, Judge Marks and Judge Marich discuss the recent changes in court technology. Watch video

Victorian Law Week 2021: Courts and the Media

Most of the general public hear about court cases through the media. So what role does the media play in the delivery of justice? In this session, held on Thursday 20 May 2021 as part of Victorian Law Week, Judge Gaynor, Judge Gamble, Judge Wraight and the Court’s Media Manager Ed spoke about the relationship between media and the Court. Watch video

Victorian Law Week 2021: Mental Illness and the Law

This is our Term 2 virtual VCE Legal Studies event, held on Wednesday 19 May 2021. It was also part of the Court’s Victorian Law Week program. Judge Dawes and Judge D Sexton spoke about factors they must consider when an accused person has a mental illness, the programs that support mental health concerns, and more. This session was moderated by Anna, Manager of the Court Integrated Services Program (CISP) in the Specialist Courts Division. Watch video
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