2021/22 Grants available soon

June 23rd 2021

Announcing our grants for legal projects to support a better justice system.

From 1 July, the Victoria Law Foundation will launch its 2021/22 grant program. Here is an overview so you can start planning.

Knowledge Grants

Knowledge Grants support community legal organisations to build data capability and research skills through investigation of a civil legal problem or data collection practices to better understand and respond to community need.

These grants aim to:

  • develop a new understanding of the legal needs of Victorians through collection of data and information
  • improve capability of the organisation to collect, analyse and use data and information
  • share information with other organisations or agencies which results in a better understanding of the target group and ways to address need effectively.

Grant amount: up to $50,000

Open: 1 July 2021
Close: Monday 23 August 2021

Community Legal Grants

Community Legal Grants support projects which help the community navigate civil legal issues and the Victorian justice system.

These grants will fund one-off projects that address a legal issue for a specific community, such as development of a resource, or pilot projects that offer new approaches to delivering legal information or to trial a strategy and gain further insights.

Grant amount: up to $20,000

Open: 1 December 2021
Close: 15 March 2022

Small Grants

Our Small Grants fund projects which address immediate needs and quickly respond to legal issues identified in the community. Small Grants aim to improve community understanding of the law and justice system.

Grant amount: up to $5000 for legal projects and up to $2500 for Law Week events.

Applications can be made at any time subject to the availability of funds.

Got an idea for a grant project? Contact us for more information or to check which grant is right for your project.

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