Knowledge Grants

Build data capability and research skills to better understand and respond to community need.

Up to $50,000

Applications for the 2022/23 Knowledge Grants are now closed.

Supporting organisations to improve data capability and research skills

Knowledge Grants support community legal organisations to undertake a research project to:

  • develop a new understanding of the legal needs of Victorians through collection of data and information
  • improve capability of the organisation to collect, analyse and use data and information about particular audiences
  • share information with other organisations or agencies which results in a better understanding of the target group and ways to address need effectively.

Application Timeline

Applications for 2022/23 Knowledge Grants are open from Friday 1 July 2022 until 5pm Monday 29 August 2022.

Applications for the 2022/23 Knowledge Grants are now closed.

Examples of what is likely to be funded

  • Investigation into a specific civil legal issue through collection and collation of data and information.
  • Using data to identify a community profile using a range of data sources, for example, service data, ABS data, data dashboards, as well as community or client feedback to inform strategic decisions about service delivery and allocation of resources. This information would provide a better understanding of priority groups and community legal and related needs.
  • Piloting new approaches to legal service models, practice and data, particularly one that requires or provides opportunity to collect new or additional data and information about clients and their needs.

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Meeting the ethical standards

In undertaking any research project funded through our Knowledge Grant program, it’s your responsibility to conduct ethical research.

We have developed the following guidance, information and templates to help you.

Process for ethics approval

If you are partnering with an academic body you may choose to go through their ethics process.

If not, you will need to establish an alternative process such as forming a reference group or internal governance committee to approve the research activity and guide the project.

For more information or guidance, please contact the Grants Manager.


Knowledge Grant applications are open to community legal centres and not-for-profit community organisations which have a dedicated legal service.

We only fund organisations – individuals are not able to apply.

Research organisations, courts, tribunals and statutory bodies may not apply on their own, however, may like to partner with a community legal organisation to provide guidance and expertise to undertake a research project.

Preparing your application

Discuss your idea with us
Seek advice
Review the application questions
Confirm your eligibility
Confirm any partnership arrangements
Submit your application

Submit an application

Applications for the 2022/23 Knowledge Grants are now closed.

Grant guidelines

Guiding principles
Assessment process
Funded activities
Grant exclusions
Conditions of grant
Data collection guidelines
Ethics standards


What are the application questions?
Can we work in partnership?
What do you mean by sustainability?
What are my obligations if I am offered a grant?