Community Legal Grants

Help the community navigate civil legal issues and the Victorian justice system.

Up to $20,000

Community Legal Grants will open on 1 December 2022.

Improve community understanding

Community Legal Grants support projects that improve community understanding of a civil legal issue or navigate the Victorian justice system where there is a demonstrated legal need.

These grants will fund one-off projects that address a legal issue for a specific community, such as development of a resource, tool or series of workshops, or pilot projects that offer new approaches to delivering legal information or to trial a strategy and gain further insights, for example, the delivery of legal information in a new way that could be replicated in other programs or services.

Application Timeline

Applications for 2022/23 Community Legal Grants are open from 1 December 2022 until 6 March 2023.


Community Legal Grant applications are open to community legal organisations and not-for-profit community groups.

Non-legal organisations are encouraged to partner with a legal organisation to ensure accurate legal information is provided to the audience group. We only fund organisations – individuals are not able to apply.

Preparing your application

Discuss your idea with us
Seek advice
Confirm your eligibility
Confirm any partnership arrangements
Submit your application

Submit an application

We encourage you to contact the Grants Manager before submitting your application.

Contact the Grants manager to discuss your proposal.

Review that your project meets the grant guidelines.

Complete the steps for preparing an application.

Applications for Community Legal Grants will open on 1 December 2022.

Download a copy of last year's application questions to prepare your responses.

Community Legal Grant 2021/22 application questions

Grant criteria

Guiding principles
Assessment process
Grant exclusions
Conditions of grant


What are the application questions?
What type of evidence of legal need should I include in my application?
How many grants are available?
What are my obligations if I am offered a grant?