Plain Language Training

We facilitate plain language training to help legal professionals in Victoria better connect with the public.

Why plain language training?

The law is complex and translating it into plain English can be a struggle. Incomprehensible legal writing can degrade public confidence in the law and can even lead to legal disputes.

Our plain language workshops will teach you the principles of plain language and help you create clear, engaging and easy-to-read pieces of legal writing. Clear writing and communication will not only improve your relationship with the public, it will improve your professional practice.

Workshops run all day and are delivered by Bob Milstein of Words & Beyond, a practicing lawyer and plain language expert who understands the demands of legal work.

Who can do it?

Victorian lawyers, legal professionals, community legal education workers and anyone else who creates legal information in Victoria are able to register their interest in attending a plain language workshop.

You may be able to claim Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points for this workshop - check with your professional body or institute.

When is the training?

Training is held three times a year from the Foundation's Melbourne office. For more information register your interest using the form below to be on our mailing list.

How much does it cost?

  • Small not-for-profit (up to 20 employees) - $40
  • Large not-for-profit (over 20 employees) - $60
  • For-profit, government and courts - $80

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