Law Week moves online to meet legal need during COVID-19

May 4th 2020

To help meet the increased need for legal advice and support during the COVID-19 pandemic, Law Week - Victoria’s annual festival of the law - has moved completely online for the first time in its 40-year history.

Law Week runs from 18 to 24 May 2020 across Victoria, giving everyone (remote) access to free webinars, video interviews, phone help-lines, virtual tours, podcasts and more – all aimed at providing vital information and support about legal rights and responsibilities during COVID-19 and beyond.

‘Now, more than ever, Victorians need access to vital information about their legal rights and responsibilities and where they can go for help,’ said Lynne Haultain, Executive Director of Victoria Law Foundation (VLF).

‘With more than 100 free events from 60 plus organisations available via your computer or phone, our online Law Week is doing its part at this time of deep uncertainty and change. We also have a number of highly entertaining events, so there is something for everyone during our 40th anniversary festival.’

Law Week 2020 also includes VLF’s inaugural ‘Law and You’ video series, where Ms Haultain has interviewed (remotely) leading experts about the key legal and socio-legal issues arising from COVID-19 and other pressures, and where people can go for additional practical help, advice and support.

40th anniversary Law Week highlights

  • Free legal information and advice sessions via webinar, phone and podcast on topics including family violence; parenting and other Family Court matters; employment rights; renting, tenancy and housing; mental health tribunals; consumer and small business issues; elder abuse; wills, estate planning, powers of attorney, medical treatment and guardianship; migration law; discrimination; the LGBTIQ community; cyber-safety; and much more.
  • Inaugural ‘Law and You’ video series: expert advice on key areas of heightened legal need during COVID-19 and beyond. Series launch on Monday 18 May.
  • Confined 11: an online exhibition of artworks by Indigenous artists currently in or recently released from prison.
  • Inquest into the death of the artist formerly known as Prince: find out what happened to Prince at this virtual Coroner’s Court of Victoria inquest.
  • Emergency powers and the COVID-19 pandemic response in Victoria: are they justified?
  • Monkey selfies, AI creation and IP: monkeys and robots don’t have rights right . . . or do they?
  • Negative online reviews: learn about anonymous online reviewers, the damage done and remedies available.
  • The ABC of DNA: forensic specialists and true crime authors dissect DNA profiling and criminal investigations, including how they differ in real life compared to popular TV shows.
  • You be the Judge: in this interactive event, sentence a real-life case of culpable driving causing death.

Law Week is organised by Victoria Law Foundation. See the full program at

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