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We’ve supported better justice in Victoria through our grants program since our establishment in 1969. Our grants program has been at the forefront of addressing legal need in Victoria by:

  • providing establishment funding for a wide range of legal organisations designed to support the community
  • funding community and legal organisations to develop legal information and resources, run education programs and provide legal assistance
  • supporting community legal education through funding Law Week events.

Search through our list of recently funded projects below to learn more about what we support.

The full list of project funded can be found in our Annual Reports.

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Evaluating the impact of integrated, cross sector models of legal practice

an evaluation of its legal practice to determine impact of the Health Justice Partnership (HJP) model for clients and staff.

Recipient: First Step Legal
Amount: $50,000

Knowledge Grant2021/22CurrentFamily violenceMental healthAlcohol and other drug

Strengthening Intake Quality in Legal Assistance

Improve community access to legal services by using data to identify barriers and help-seeking behaviour.

Recipient: Eastern Community Legal Centre
Amount: $50,000

Knowledge Grant2021/22Current

Policing health – exploring racial profiling in issuing of COVID-19 fines

Exploring if COVID-19 fines were disproportionately issued to culturally and linguistically diverse communities during 2020.

Recipient: Inner Melbourne Community Legal
Amount: $50,000

Knowledge Grant2021/22CurrentCALD

Resistance and Agency: The Important of Language in applications for Family Violence Intervention Orders

Understanding the relationship between how women’s agency, the extent to which they can tell their own story, is portrayed in Family Violence Intervention Order applications and the outcomes of those applications.  

Recipient: WEstjustice
Amount: $50,000

Knowledge Grant2021/22CurrentFamily ViolenceWomen

Inside the law: Legal information for people in prison

Development of a resource for people in prisons to better understand the laws and legal issues that relate to being incarcerated.

Recipient: Fitzroy Legal Service
Amount: $19,826

Community Legal Grant2021/22CurrentIncarceration

Criminal Records and Employment

Delivering accessible legal information to all Victorians who have old and irrelevant criminal records about their rights at work.

Recipient: Job Watch
Amount: $1,542

Small Grant2020/2021CompletedEmployment

Information for young people impacted by the Family Law system

Production of age-appropriate legal resources about the family law system, in particular Family Court orders, which impact young people involved.

Recipient: Eastern Community Legal Centre 
Amount: $15,370

Community Legal Grant2021/22CurrentYouth

Law for Community Workers Pilot

A practical e-learning program aimed at training non-legal professionals to identify legal issues and connect vulnerable clients to legal help.

Recipient: Barwon Community Legal Service
Amount: $20,000

Community Legal Grant2020/21CompletedLegal health check

Legal Street Smarts - Socially Networked

Exploring how community legal education strategies may be expanded to reach young people through social media platforms.

Recipient: WEstjustice
Amount: $15,000

Community Legal Grant2021/22CurrentYouth

Mitchell Shire Peer Education Project

A peer education project to support women and families experiencing family violence in Mitchell Shire to connect to their community and engage with support services. 

Recipient: Northern Community Legal Centre
Amount: $20,000

Community Legal Grant2021/22CompletedFamily violence

Reducing family violence through education for CALD young people

Delivery of community legal education to help culturally and linguistically diverse young people increase their literacy on family violence issues and shift attitudes that allow it to occur. 

Recipient: Peninsula Community Legal Centre
Amount: $20,000

Community Legal Grant2021/22CurrentFamily violenceYouth

Child Protection Permanency Research

A state-wide study of the experiences of families seeking reunification within the Victorian child protection system.

Recipient: Women's Legal Service Victoria
Amount: $50,000

Knowledge Grant2021/22CurrentFamilies

Developing the evidence base on underpayment recovery and civil justice

This project will develop a profile of wage theft and underpayment recovery actions through analysis of administrative data, case characteristics and outcomes at Springvale Monash Legal Service.

Recipient: Springvale Monash Legal Service Inc  
Amount: $49,468

Knowledge Grant2021/22CurrentEmployment

Gendered injustice: Identifying the intersections between unmet civil legal and social needs and women’s criminalisation

A report documenting how women experiencing domestic and family violence (DFV) are policed and criminalised.

View the report

Recipient: Fitzroy Legal Service Inc 
Amount: $50,000

Knowledge Grant2021/22CompletedWomenFamily violence


videos on legal topics in Vietnamese delivered by lawyers.

Recipient: South Eastern Melbourne Vietnamese Associations' Council
Amount: $5,000

Small Grant2021/22CALD

Job Watch videos

Video snapshots of new and updated employment law issues.

Recipient: Job Watch
Amount: $4,500

Small Grants2021/22Employment

Planning Ahead

Planning Ahead webinar and resources for the deaf community

Recipient: John Pierce Centre
Amount: $2,500

Small Grants2021/22Disability

Strengthening legal pathways for CALD women

Translation of FV video resources.

Recipient: Peninsula Community Legal Centre
Amount: $2,000

Small Grants2021/22Family violenceCALS

Bumpd website

Marketing and promotion of parenting discrimination tool.

Recipient: Bumpd Limited
Amount: $1,000

Small Grants2021/22Families

Who's the boss? Video resources for people about to see a lawyer

A series of videos for people with cognitive disability about working with a lawyer. These will provide information and strategies to help them understand their rights and participate meaningfully in the lawyer/client relationship

Recipient: Fitzroy Legal Service
Amount: $20,000

Community Legal Grant2020/21CompletedDisability

Empowering communities through peers

Additional funds to evaluate CLG peer education project.

Recipient: Women's Legal Service Victoria
Amount: $5,000

Small Grant2020/2021CompletedFamily violence

Strengthening legal pathways for CALD women

Help for CALD women to increase their legal literacy on family violence/law issues through community legal education tailored to their cultural and linguistic community.

Recipient: Peninsula Community Legal Centre
Amount: $19,942

Community Legal Grant2020/21CompletedWomenCALD

The Teals Project (Technology-Enhanced Access to Legal Services)

A self-assessed triage tool that will assist people accessing the legal service to safely disclose the legal and non-legal issues they are experiencing.

Recipient: Northern Community Legal Centre
Amount: $20,000

Community Legal Grant2020/2021Completed

Planning for your legal future - CALD video resources

Translation of a series of existing English language video resources into Arabic, Vietnamese and Hindi to better serve need from growing CALD communities.

Recipient: Seniors Rights Victoria at Council on the Aging Vic
Amount: $20,000

Community Legal Grant2020/21CompletedSeniorsRefugees and migrants

Hearing from Renters: Using digital tools to seek legal remedies

A set of videos that discuss how people who can neither afford a lawyer or access public legal services use digital self-help resources to navigate tenancy legal issues and the relevant legal frameworks.

Recipient: Tenants Victoria
Amount: $20,000

Community Legal Grant2020/21CompletedHousing

Predictive Policing and Young People: Discriminatory impacts of pre-emptive and racialised policing in Victoria

A research report produced to build knowledge and awareness of Victoria Police use of predictive, risk based, assessment tools and policing approaches.

Recipient: Flemington Kensington Community Legal Centre
Amount: $4,700

Small Grant2021/2022CompletedRights

Law Week in the library

Law Week in the library

Recipient: Goulburn Valley Libraries
Amount: $2,499

Small Grant2021/2022CompletedLaw Week

Moving towards evidence based practice – How to understand elder abuse as a civil law problem in the Barwon region

Investigating the civil law aspects of elder abuse in the Barwon region. Research findings will inform service delivery, interventions and responses to elder abuse to meet the needs of a growing ageing population.

Recipient: Barwon Community Legal Service
Amount: $50,000

Knowledge Grant2019/20CompletedSeniors

User centered research of priority groups in the ‘missing middle’

Research project focusing on three priority groups - people with disability, CALD communities, and women/single parents and explores their capacity and capability to use online self-help resources to resolve a legal problem.

View the report

Recipient: Justice Connect
Amount: $50,000

Knowledge Grant2019/2020CompletedDisabilityFamiliesRefugees and migrants

Empowering communities through peers

A peer legal education project that will educate, empower and help women in the West Heidelberg region navigate the legal system when experiencing family violence and related legal issues.

Recipient: Women's Legal Service Victoria
Amount: $20,000

Community Legal Grant2019/2020CompletedFamiliesFamily violence

African-Australian Legal Forum

A panel discussion on the legal system for people from African backgrounds

Recipient: African Australian Multicultural Employment Youth Services
Amount: $2,000

Small Grant2019/20CompletedCALD

International Student Legal Information Project - Phase 2

Building on an existing project providing legal information to international students, Inner Melbourne Community Legal produced content on a range of civil legal topics to add to their suite.

Visit website

Recipient: Inner Melbourne Community Lega
Amount: $58,000

General Grant2018/2019CompletedInternational studentsYouth

Organisation: Inner Melbourne Community Legal

Spotting civil legal issues: deadly videos and a deadly handbook

A series of short videos and a handbook to help Aboriginal people identify common civil legal issues, with information on how to contact the legal service for advice.

Watch videos

Recipient: Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service
Amount: $45,000

General Grant2018/2019CompletedAboriginal Australians

Family Violence Project – Empowering Migrant and Refugee Communities

Community legal education programs and videos to increase community awareness and referrals to legal services to ensure women on temporary visas or without visas experiencing domestic violence know how to access help.

Visit website

Recipient: Refugee Legal
Amount: $54,000

2018/2019CompletedGeneral GrantRefugees and migrants

Family law/Family violence educational resource

An education research explaining its family violence programs and helping clients and service providers navigate the family law system.

Download the resources

2018/2019CompletedFamiliesFamily violenceSmall Grant

Organisation: Peninsula CLC

The rights of people to make their own medical decisions

Two resources that educated people on how to make their own medical decisions.

Download the resources

Recipient: Office of the Public Advocate
Amount: $5,000

2018/2019CompletedSmall Grant

Family Law Pathways podcast production project

A series of podcast on family law topics for workers in the Gippsland region.

Listen now

Recipient: Better Place Australia
Amount: $5,000

Small Grant2019/2020CompletedFamilies

Consent Legal Education in Schools

Working in partnership with local schools to deliver community legal education around the topic of consent, gendered/family violence and bullying.

Recipient: Moonee Valley Legal Service
Amount: $5,000

Small Grant2020/2021CompletedFamily violenceYouth

Legal Information Sessions Shepparton: Prevention is better than cure

A series of information sessions for Sudanese, South Sudanese and Congolese community members in the Shepparton region to increase understanding and awareness of Australian laws and the legal system.

Recipient: Women’s Health Goulburn North East
Amount: $13,186

Community Legal Grant2019/2020CompletedRefugees and migrants

Employment Document Interpretation Service – Pilot

A service for Victorian employees seeking legal advice in relation to contracts and documents related to their employment or other work.

Recipient: Job Watch
Amount: $20,000

Community Legal Grant2019/2020CompletedEmployment

Law Week Online

An online program events for the Goulburn community including coffee with with a cop, Wills and estates and the law and COVID-19.
2019/2020CompletedLaw Week GrantLegal health check

COVID–19: Employment Rights Q&A

An online Q&A on employment rights based on frequently asked questions from the community.
2019/2020CompletedEmploymentSmall Grant

Sisters in Crime's 14th Law Week event: The ABC of DNA

On online panel discussion with forensic specialists about how DNA profiling functions as a forensic technique in criminal investigations and what happens when it goes wrong.
2019/2020CompletedCriminal lawLaw Week GrantPerformance and entertainment

Lawyers in Libraries - Moonee Valley

Free, popup information stalls offering legal health checks, providing information on legal issues and about how to access free and local legal services in three libraries in the Moonee Valley area.
2019/2020CompletedLaw Week GrantLegal health check

Legal Outreach to Rural Regional Disability Advocates and Clients

A legal information session for people with a disability living in the Gippsland region affected by bushfire.

2019/2020CompletedLaw Week GrantRegional Victoria

Community Discussion and Training on Rights to Protest

A panel discussion addressing current threats to the freedom of expression and assembly in Victoria; and a training event designed to empower community members to know and exercise their rights in civil engagement, activism, and protest.
2019/2020CompletedLaw Week GrantRights

Demystifying Going to Court

A tour of the Broadmeadows Magistrate's Court for newly arrived Syrian and Iraqi refugees to actively interact with the Australian Legal System as it operates in their own neighbourhood.

2019/2020CompletedLaw Week GrantRefugees and migrantsSmall Grant

Information Session for Parents & Carers

An information session for parents and carers of young people on cyber-bullying, age of consent, sexting and keeping young people safe online.
2019/2020CompletedLaw Week GrantYouth

Know what law support is available to local Aboriginal communities

An event providing information about the legal services available to Aboriginal communities in the Shepparton region.
2019/2020Aboriginal AustraliansCompletedLaw Week Grant

Law Week roadshow - social security rights

Building on the Gippsland Community Legal Service roadshow, a specialist community lawyer will provide information on social security rights to support bushfire affected communities.

2019/2020CompletedLaw Week GrantRegional Victoria

Disaster help roadshow

Roadshow to four bushfire affected communities in East Gippsland delivering CLE and resources, with a particular focus on how to be legally prepared for bushfire and other natural disasters.

Recipient: Anglicare Victoria (Gippsland Community Legal Service)
Amount: $2,500

2019/2020CompletedRegional VictoriaSmall Grant

Koori Help project

Printing of Koori Help – a consumer law booklet for Aboriginal communities.

Recipient: Consumer Action Law Centre
Amount: $2,500

Small Grant2019/2020CompletedAboriginal Australians

Police applications for intervention orders and women’s experience of the family violence justice system in a post-Royal Commission landscape

Since the Royal Commission into family violence, the police response to family violence has intensified and resulted in a significant increase of police brought family violence intervention orders. This project will explore the impact that this is having on women’s experience of the justice process as well as safety and wellbeing outcomes.

Recipient: Advocacy and Rights Centre Ltd (ARC Justice)
Amount: $49,984

Read the final report

Knowledge Grant2019/2020CompletedFamily violenceWomen

The growth of community housing: what does it mean for tenants?

Collect new data on legal outcomes for community housing tenants by looking at the management of housing issues and tenancy disputes.

Recipient: Banyule Community Health (West Heidelberg Community Legal Service)
Amount: $43,925

Knowledge Grant2019/20CompletedHousing

HIV Disclosure Resource

A resource to inform people living with HIV of their rights and protections when disclosing their HIV status.

View the guide

Recipient: Living Positive Victoria
Amount: $7,000

Community Legal Grant2019/2020CompletedHealth

Legal support and education for South Sudanese and other African youth

This project will work with young Sudanese people, and their families, to improve their understanding of and confidence in the legal system. Project partner, Springvale Monash Legal Service (SMLS) will embed a community lawyer two days a week at Afri-Aus Care in Dandenong and Pakenham.

Recipient: Afri-Aus Care
Amount: $19,814

Community Legal Grant2019/2020CompletedRefugees and migrants

Women's infringements and fines clinic

This project will employ a lawyer to run a fines clinic for women to understand, navigate and make applications under the fines/infringements system to have their fines waived on the basis of special circumstances and family violence.

Recipient: Law and Advocacy Centre for Women
Amount: $48,000

General Grant2018/2019CompletedFamily violenceFines and infringementsWomen

Building health justice for young people in the Central Highlands Region

Build the knowledge and capacity of community health workers to respond to better identify and respond to the legal needs of vulnerable young people in the Grampians region.

Recipient: Youthlaw
Amount: $45,000

2018/2019CompletedGeneral GrantRegional VictoriaYouth

Youth legal education workshops

Community legal education workshops for young people designed to avoid legal problems, understand their rights and access legal assistance.

Recipient: The Youth Junction
Amount: $3,000

Small Grant2018/2019CompletedYouth

Night of justice

A volunteer-based legal service that runs every Wednesday night from to provide information and advice to people with disability who have been discriminated against in education and/or employment.

Recipient: Association of Employees with Disability
Amount: $5,000

Small Grant2018/2019CompletedDisability

The right of people to make their own medical decisions

The production of two resources, for health practitioners and people with an intellectual disability, that explain supported decision-making laws in Victoria.

Recipient: Office of the Public Advocate
Amount: $5,000

Small Grant 2018/2019CompletedDisability

The Laramie Project

A production of The Laramie Project, a play about the 1998 murder of Matthew Shepard and its impact on hate crime law and LGBTIQ rights.

Read more

Recipient: BottledSnail
Amount: $3,000

Small Grant2018/2019CompletedLGBTIQPerformance and entertainment

Family law-family violence educational resources

Production of resources for service providers and clients to explain family law and family violence services available to them.

Recipient: Peninsula Community Legal Centre
Amount: $4,940

Small Grant2018/2019CompletedFamily violence

Portraits of Justice

Local illustrators will run workshops that helped young people engage with the law through art.

Recipient: Barwon Community Legal Centre
Amount: $5,000

Small Grant2018/2019CompletedYouth

The rights of voluntary consumers in Victorian Mental Health Inpatient Units

Production of a factsheet and video for voluntary consumers of mental health services.

Recipient: Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council
Amount: $4,060

Small Grant2018/2019CompletedMental health
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