Invitation to tender for the Public Understanding of Law Survey

November 16th 2020

Victoria Law Foundation are looking for a research contractor as we move ahead with our Public Understanding of Law Survey (PULS), groundbreaking research to better understand legal capability, attitudes and experience of law in the Victorian community.

The PULS will be the first of its kind and an evolution in empirical legal survey research. It will explore people's ability to navigate the complex array of rights and responsibilities they encounter each day, what they know about their justice system and its institutions, how they see it playing a part in their lives, and how they experience, and respond to legal problems.

Understanding legal capability and how people experience law is an essential first step in ensuring that justice is accessible to all. It is critical in determining what kinds of legal information and services are needed and will be most effective for the community.

We’re looking for a research contractor

To facilitate the PULS, we’re seeking a qualified and experienced contractor to conduct fieldwork involving 5,000 - 6,000 Victorians.

Find out more about our research plan.