An update from VLF research

March 23rd 2021

We are privileged to have Professor Sandefur, alongside Professor Pascoe Pleasence, working on our Public Understanding of Law Survey (PULS).

By way of an update, the project is moving ahead at pace - we have developed a draft questionnaire and appointed a fieldwork company to administer the survey. We aim to begin fieldwork in June, speaking to 6,000 members of the Victorian public to understand their experience of law from the bottom-up.

Our research on the use and utility of court and tribunal data (led by Dr Hugh McDonald) and Victorian CLC Workforce Survey for the Federation of Community Legal Centres (led by Dr Jozica Kutin) are also progressing well.

We have exciting plans to expand the reach of the Research Network (led by Tenielle Hagland) to showcase international and domestic access to justice and legal need developments. If you have any thoughts on what future events should feature do not hesitate to get in touch with Tenielle or I - your participation is invaluable!

Professor Nigel J. Balmer, Research Director