For grant recipients

We have a few simple requirements for grant projects that we fund.

Congratulations on receiving a Victoria Law Foundation grant. We are here to support you to deliver a great project that will help improve Victorians understanding of the law and access to justice. If you have any questions about the grant process, please contact the Grants Manager on 9604 8100 or use the form below.

Requirements of your grant

We have a few simple requirements for grant projects that we fund. This section provides you with the resources to meet these requirements.

Acknowledge our support

To acknowledge the support of the Foundation please download our logo and guidelines below.

Grant logo files and guidelines

If you require any logo file formats that haven’t been supplied, or have any difficulty with the file types outlined in the guide, please contact the Grants Manager.

The placement of the grant logo on all grant products must be approved by the Foundation before final production. Once you’ve finished your design, please email it (or a screenshot for website use) to the our Grants Manager for final approval.

Keep us informed

We're interested in the progress and outcome of your project and ask that you keep us informed. Get in touch if there are changes to your project or key staff, or if we can support the project through our communications channels, in-house expertise or other networks.

Progress and acquittal report templates can be accessed through SmartyGrants. Reports are submitted via this platform.

For grants funded prior to July 2019 (General Grants), please contact the Grants Manager for the acquittal report template.

Report on your project

We want to know how your project went, so require recipients to submit a final report on completion. This report can be found in your SmartyGrants portal.

Meet ethical standards

In undertaking any research project funded through Victoria Law Foundation’s Knowledge Grant program, it’s your responsibility to conduct ethical research.

We have developed the following guidance, information and templates to help you.

Process for ethics approval

If you are partnering with an academic body you may choose to go through their ethics process.

If not, you will need to establish an alternative process such as forming a reference group or internal governance committee to approve the research activity and guide the project.

For more information or guidance, please contact the Grants Manager at

Contact us

If you are interested in more information, resources or support, get in touch.