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Helpful resources to plan and develop community legal education and information projects.

We offer plain language and Better Information Workshops for people producing community legal information.

Our Research Network events keep you up to date with new research and initiatives in the community legal education and access to justice space.

Preparing your application

After wrapping up our General Grants program in 2020 we consulted past grant recipients to find out what they learned from completing grant funded projects. 

Speaking to twenty organisations, we found that many had similar experiences and common suggestions for how they considered success. We gathered these insights in the Lessons from Practice General Grants review.  

This review uncovers five key factors that helped foster project success and a range of practical tips for all stages of the project life cycle. These shared insights may help organisations to create long lasting and sustainable programs and resources. 

Among the many insights there is a focus on information to help organisations create projects that are sustainable in effectively using resources. There are also insights on creating partnerships, reaching audiences and case study examples throughout.  

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Lessons from Practice report

These practical takeaways are highlighted in a short document designed for the legal assistance sector and organisations which help Victorians identify legal problems and access help.  

Read the Lessons from Practice short review

You can also read the full report findings, including more detailed examples and key steps.  

Read Lessons from Practice report

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