Dr Grant and his Underpants

A model mediation for VCE Legal Studies

About these materials

Dr Grant and his Underpants is a scripted model mediation for classroom use. The scenario is based on the South Australian case Grant v Australian Knitting Mills Limited and Another [1935] HCA 66; (1935) 54 CLR 49.

This resource is designed to show students, in a practical and entertaining way, the procedure for the mediation of a dispute. It also demonstrates the effectiveness of mediation as a method of dispute resolution.

Curriculum links

This resource is relevant to the following areas of study:

  • Unit 1 Area of Study 3: Civil Liability
  • Unit 2 Area of Study 2: Remedies
  • Unit 3 Area of Study 2: Victorian Civil Justice System

Dr Grant and his Underpants and accompanying notes, references and tasks will assist students to:

  • demonstrate knowledge of mediation as an alternative method of dispute resolution;
  • evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of mediation;
  • identify the relationship between mediation and other dispute resolution procedures; and
  • evaluate the contribution of mediation to the effectiveness of the legal system.

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For teachers

The teachers notes includes all materials required for this exercise, instructions, reflection activities and additional resources.

For students

Students should be provided with the scripted scenario and their team's secret facts. Refer to the teachers notes for instructions on how to use these materials.