Law Talks

Seminars and presentations for VCE Legal Studies and Civics & Citizenship students.

We offer a range of law talks for Victorian schools

Changes to Law Talks due to COVID-19

We have resumed in-person Classroom Law Talks, but are also able to run our talks remotely via Zoom if requested. We will continue to follow government health advice on the COVID-19 pandemic and will adjust our programs accordingly.

Classroom Law Talks
Metropolitan Law Talks
Regional Law Talks

Online Civics Law Talks

A range of talks relevant to young people about civil law, police powers, voting rights and rights at work.

Specialist Courts and Innovative Justice
Vote ready resources
Opportunities for young people
Street Law: Your rights and obligations when talking to police; name and address and move on powers
Beginner's Guide to the National Employment Standards
Principles of Employment Law: Awards

Online Law Talks

We are happy to provide our most recent Online Law Talks. We trust will prove to be valuable resources.

Community Justice in Practice: The Neighbourhood Justice Centre
The Role of the Victorian Law Reform Commission
Alternative Dispute Resolution: Mediation and role of the Dispute Settlement Centre Victoria
VCE Legal Studies | Unit 2 Exam Preparation
VCE Legal Studies | Units 3 and 4 Exam Preparation
Brief Overview of the Australian Constitution

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